more ideas for stalls...

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Face painting – Always a popular one, get a creative/artistic mum – dad – or teacher to run a stall offering a variety of characters.

Fire Engine – the local fire brigade often help out at school fetes, I suppose because it raises general awareness of fire safety etc.  You also have yourself a major attraction for free!  If the fire brigade cant make it an ambulance or police vehicle is just as good.

Golden Bucket -get people to pay 50p/£1 put name an phone number - at the end of the fete draw a number and they get half the bucket as a prize.

Hairspray! – get coloured non permanent hairsprays and go wild!!!  Kids love having their hair coloured or restyled.  This may work well alongside or as part of your face painting stall.

Hook a Duck – Hire a hook a duck stall with the classic little rubber ducks, they are all numbered and correspond to a prize.  A suggested price would be 50p per go with  sweets of some sort for small prizes and something from the pound shop for larger ones.  This is a win everytime stall.

Hoopla – Hire this traditional fairground sideshow game where punters throw hoops over prizes on a box to win.

Human fruit machine – A very novel idea whereby you enrol the help of three parents and get them to act as a reel on the the Human fruit machine! Whereby they all pick a fruit and if you get three the same the player wins a prize!
Read this great article for inspiration!

Ice cream – Either sell pre-packaged ice creams (available very cheaply from places like Iceland) or organise an ice cream van to come to your school and give you a commission on the day.  You need to address this issue because if you don’t a van will pull up near to your school anyway and you wont see anything for it! 

Little tykes car rally – beg, borrow or steal or hire 4 or more of those small plastic kiddy coupes and lay out a small track with bails of hay let the 18monthers – 5 year olds race/play/engage in toddler car rage etc for five mins at a pound a go.

toy car rally

Lucky dip – An old favourite and a steady little money earner.  Prizes are wrapped and hidden in big bins full of shredded paper.  The child digs deep to pick a prize.  Sweets, rulers, rubbers pencils etc. all make good prizes another idea is to have a boy bin and a girl bin to dip into.

PA system – Hire yourself a decent, loud pa system.  You will need an MC to run it for you for the day, there is always someone who wants to be famous for the day.  Make sure they have a detail itinery of the days events and when and what to announce.  The PA system will also provide backround music for the whole day and specific arena events i.e. dancing.

Pick-a-lolly – This a popular prize every time game.  Children pick lollies from the special game board and if it has a red stick they win a prize – if it has a white stick they get to keep the lolly anyway!

Pimms tent – Cucumber, mint, oranges, lemons, lemonade and a good glug of Pimms.  A quintessentially English thing to do at any hot summers event, so why not yours?

Pony / Donkey rides – There is usually someone around who owns a pony or has links to some stables.  Maybe the stables would come and run some rides as a PR exercise donating 50% to the school coffers and getting some excellent targeted advertising at the same time!

Popcorn stall – Hire a popcorn machine and off you go, have this next to the candyfloss stall as an alternative.  Just add some popcorn kernels, oil and add some special recipe sugar to the machine and its done lovely fresh and tasty popcorn.

Raffle – Great prizes make a great raffle, consider spending some money out of the coffers to provide at least three excellent top prizes.  Parents are usually quite happy to donate, consider putting several prizes into a bundle or hamper i.e. a selection of wines rather than one bottle of blue nun.  Make sure all children take raffle tickets home for their parents to sell to friend family and neighbours.  You might also want to punt tickets to people on entry.

ice cream van queue

Sweet tombola – this is exactly the same as a bottle tombola but with sweets!

Teddy tombola - is exactly the same as a bottle tombola but with teddies! – can you see where im going with this…..

Treasure hunt - layout a mini treasure island and get children to buy a flag (20p) and put it where the think the treasure might be buried - winner gets a prize

The Big Balloon Burst – Firstly you need to hunt out some opaque balloons – cheap see-through ones will not do! Squirt a little bit of shaving foam and a laminated raffle ticket in before inflating. Attach inflated balloons to a backboard and the participant then bursts a balloon, they win the prize that number corresponds to.  Messy and fun!

The odd sock game – Donated (clean) socks are picked by the player off the washing line.  Inside the sock there is a small prize i.e. mini mars bar or a ticket corresponding to a bigger prize. 

The stocks – Well these have been around since medieval times, and are particularly popular with kids using a teacher as the victim!  Hire the stocks, buckets and sponges, rope in a teacher or two and off you go.