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Welcome to schoolfetes.co.uk, we are a resource website set up to give ideas for schoolfetes and make the lives of parents and teachers who help and run school fetes all over the country a little easier. Usually a parent gets involved with a parents teacher association (PTA) whilst their child is at the school in question and will gain invaluable experience in running these type of events whilst on the committee. We would like you to use this site to get ideas and inspiration for your event and also pass on your ideas and experience to those just starting out.

This site provides a list of ideas for you to use at your event and also has some very useful links to other sites and companies. We hope to be able to expand this site with your help and ideas so that every school can maximise its fundraising throughout the year, eventually giving ideas for all types of school fundraising activities.

Schoolfetes.co.uk also have information for summer fairs, village fayres, church fetes and general fundraising days....

Have a look around, let us know what you think, and how we can improve this site.

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